Cabinet Drying


Are you experiencing a burst pipe, leaking faucet or flooding water somewhere on your property. This experience can be a complete nightmare for property owners as water can warm and twist the wood, particle board in the cabinets swell and warp. Standing water will allow bacteria and mold to grow.

If your experiencing water in your Cabinets you will need an professional to help with the cleanup. Immaculate Restoration breaks down the Cabinet Drying process into 2 easy steps.

  1. Immaculate will locate the locations of all the wet areas in the cabinets.  This is important because we want to ensure all areas are dry and not prone to additional harmful bacteria or mold growth.
  2. We will install a state of the art Cabinet Drying system that will ensure the entire area is dry.  By doing this we will need to remove the cabinet moldings and baseboard to expose the areas below the cabinet.  This will give us the best opportunity to remove the moisture.

If you're experiencing Water Damage in your Cabinets in the Las Vegas area your first call needs to be to Immaculate Restoration.

Immaculate Restoration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We will respond to your call with an hour.