For home and business owners in Las Vegas, mold infestation is a danger that cannot be ignored. Immaculate Restoration puts the health of your family first, safely and thoroughly removing mold to avoid further growth and the health complications that can result from continued mold exposure. Immaculate Restoration is a locally owned, A+ BBB rated mold removal business.

Removing Mold and Mildew in Las Vegas

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At Immaculate Restoration, we work quickly to remove mold and mildew infestation from the Las Vegas area homes and businesses. Quick removal of mold toxins is essential to minimizing the risk of health complications and avoiding further growth in your home. Call our A+ BBB rated business to talk with one of our experienced mold remediation technicians about a free estimate.

When there are mold spores present in your home, they can affect the well being of you and your loved ones. At Immaculate Restoration, we are available around the clock to respond quickly to calls regarding mold growth in Las VegasĀ area homes and business so we can minimize the risk associated with regular exposure.

Removal of Mold in Homes - It is alarming to find in an dwelling, but it is especially frightening when it is found inside of homes. Mold grows quickly and repeated exposure can be dangerous, but our team has safe methods for completely eliminating mold and mildew from homes.

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